The Struggle, and The Internal Crisis
The Post Holocaust Relayed Syndrome within World Jewry's sector of those [ Which applies and means not all in uncertain percentages of the survivors. ] who are affected. Their resulting traumas/personality anxieties, and their present negative transference efforts, as a result; and at times successes, [ I.E. The present Israel Boycott Movement ] in fomenting internal discourse of social, cultural, political, and spiritual distractions caused by relaying the impact Post - Traumatic Stress Disorder of their experiences in surviving overshadowing  [ ibid ]  the cause and effect of HOW  they became victims. Finally creating a multi - fasceted emotional distraction to directly delay the necessary emotional need to confront the cause of HOW they became victims who are a sector of a sixth of American citizen European Jewry survivors; delaying completely the critical step necessary for emotional health and reclaiming it for their own happiness. This the present distractions triggering delays which those who survived and did not have closure , then, now being relayed to the present generation of primary American Jewry who were witnessed within their family connections of the absent needs of those family survivors only; and likewise the missing elements of being witnessed to conformation of those who in their families who have successfully confronted the real cause, and HOW   in their individual cases of becoming victims, and their reestablished full mental health by its psyche closure results. The lost American Jewry Consciousness; the leading ethos into their full assimilations .
The following statements cover briefly a subject which is more than highly complex when you are reflecting the real lives of peoples, especially those within World Jewry. Thus the points of this issue will be made with as much in brief as possible. Later additional webpages will be created to give a more definitive scope of what was written. Once created they will be likewise linked to key words usage on to this webpage. Moreover, the use of linkages to pinterest pins will be also used to give both pictorial inferences and additional critical documented information.Those items which are with in webpage tables are key reflective positive stance of what is at stake, or of real importance to both World Jewry, and the United Single Jewish State of Israel. Their positive affirmations are being made to this very second in which you are now reading this webpage, and can not be over emphasized, at least by me.
The Core Value
The real single importance of The Torah is in its affect upon each family unit to raise their children. Though practices of various spiritual rituals are always emphasized in promoting general observance to and within each community, the single aspect of raising one child stands alone as The Torah final importance. Beyond the normal day of communal interactions, and ones needed emotional drive to be member of a group, the closeness and loving attentions to ones own child is the most pure expression of ones own self-dedicated righteousness. Here narcissism does not exist as the tender emotional loving folds and passing on one's knowledge as a parent for the single value of their loves and devotions likewise mirrors the love and devotions between husband and wife. It is here and here alone is where the centrality of Jewish life exists, as all form of narcissism are not allowed by the simple applications ---- in varied forms of resulting observant behaviors --- of the First, Second, and Third Principles of Jewish Faith. Thus all forms of physical divinity, or upon a global scene divinities are erased from any and all resulting aspects of Jewish life. More importantly, such principles likewise protects, in an idealistic world to come, the child from all future personal discourse of anxieties about ones self and ones place in society, and that society ---Jewish/Israel--- within a global stage.
Defining the core crisis / anxiety trauma
Every and all forms of Jewish anxiety, or anxieties --- which means confronting a global stage review of ones behaviors -- within all aspects of present day Jewish life exist in its various forms of acceptance finding

In every ones life throughout human history as it certain is being viewed today revolves around the single question for all those of consciousness is the key question..."Who am I? This has been the leading question of every society who became self-aware of their emotional self and all their internal drives which was then expressed in the evolution of their respected civilizations.

Into this world were those who sought power and of whom, who have obtained power and how they achieved power, likewise, are immediately more reflective of their central resulting anxieties about their own very personal confrontation with their approaching death. This was fully facilitated by knowledge experienced in the power dynamics, which at times were cruel, meaning they had to kill those who were in opposition to their efforts in obtaining power Here both power and the ultimate fear of death has sprung a multitude of superstitions, the propaganda of the ancient world, as if to hide from public focus the finite quality of their main anxiety/anxieties, death. Thus the idea of life after death became their keystone to maintain their base of power. At certain times in history the fears of those who are opposition, along the network of additional allies of those who are in oppositions, modified their existing real fears of political murder, brought the fear anxiety of death as their constant haunting induced emotional disturbance. Some became completely paranoid as a result. Thus their were those who lost emotional control which depending on their civilizations reliance on the connections with their public recognized divinity connection to their political status created the basis of psychological social, cultural, and political behaviors instigating civil and military acts of various degrees of violence, purges, and genocide.

Statues were fixed as an attempt to not only persuade their followers, and the communities in which they controlled the single importance of their leadership by enlisting or commanding those who they had power over in transferring their own anxieties about their approaching death to these statues through ritualistic worship. They were becoming heads of state and living divinity all in one political view. Subsequently in the act of such transferring, or transference, and worship, religious rituals evolved and within the social groupings of acting through such rituals a veil of protective superstitions socio - politically at the same time evolved. In order to maintain the additional power centers for those who controlled the activities of such rituals, along with their likewise loyalties to those who had either communal or national power, additional superstitions were created to wipe out any opposition to their collective base of power. In addition of destroying competing cults, they expanded their circle of self - created deities often pattern after the remains of those who they had vanquished.

An alliance between political power and the society's forms of ritualistic observance was firmly established as a full defining scope of organized behaviors of what is civilizations, along with its central power basis of definition power structures. Just look at Egypt's Ancient Pyramids and understand the real power these leaders had, as they were built privately by consenting ancient free Egyptians.

This is the evolution of the superstitions of physical divinity, or divinities and their ritual rights to life after death. However, an idea arose which rejected such superstitions, and thus began another human trek. Abraham, a member of the upper ruling classes of such a society rejected completely these forms of superstitions as the single manisfestation of ones own cognition totally reflected such societies' eventual self - destruction. He simply got himself out, along with the trappings of his wealth, and thus begat an entire new peoples trek, along with a very. very, very radical idea.

It is the present contemporary existing paradigms of social, cultural, political, and spiritual dynamics which are likewise operational to this day, and all are culturally, and historically linked to those times as well. It is the degree of present day superstitions, and fear of death which prevails, most often with the assurances of life after death. None the less, and what has changed is that as the world grew and in its various stages of political growth, the single discovery of who the Jewish Peoples are in fact by their existing central beliefs's or value systems there within, had varied levels of impact on their reaction by such discovery / discoveries.

This struck immediate fears on a all host of existing human anxieties and after the discovery of who are World Jewry, additional superstitions evolved. Behaviorally what was at issue contained within such superstition centered fears is their loss of narcissist expressions contained within their own various power centers of controls. In the arena of ritualistic behaviors the sudden deeply feared re - confrontation with their center anxieties of their communal circles fear by their approaching death, and awareness of an opposition, i.e.The Thirteen Principles of Jewish Faith, was the singular challenge in which they could not win by theological discourse, but only by brute force.

Enters the Roman Curse

This was more than apparent in the total experiences, along with accurate records, of the ancient Roman Empire after three revolts which emerged in far off Judea. Thus mass expulsions from Judean Urban Centers and restrictive laws against Judeans, or Jews from entering certain strategic professions. This was more than featured in the ban of all Judeans in becoming members of the Imperial Roman Legion.

It was Rome, and only Rome who was the first to have stripped the Judeans from the apparatus of security and self sustaining cultural connected economic institutions, i.e. Agriculture in certain parts of the Empire's direct controls striped from the civilization core of Judeans/Israelis farming/agricultural kosher support institutions.

A security anxiety evolved within World or Roman Jewry over time and most crucial its approaching additional vulnerability with Roman efforts to formulate a central Roman controlled theology to institute needed internal empire reforms, and such restrictions increased were likewise shared and enforced by subsequent rise of powerful nations after the Fall of The Roman Empire. Singularly the identity of being a Judean or Israel was replaced by the Roman authored term of Jew, and Jewish as a result of they being stripped of key institutions necessary to maintain a viable and flourishing self - dependent civilization


Thus an historic turning point from being self - dependent civilization to now becoming a peoples who only means of physical maintenance is by careful negotiating various forms of acceptance finding ensued.


Among World Jewry there were those who became likewise self - alarmed at the resulting/evolving growing and at time violence taken against them, as a reaction to these ever evolving Anti - Jewish superstitions. This also, likewise were reflective of the internal fears of the Non-Jewish adjacent communities anxieties intellectually triggered centrally by those leaders of these communities who discovered who they were as Jews. A warm, loving, and giving peoples. Thus Jewish communal leaders became increasing aware of their apparent vulnerability, as did the leaders of the adjacent community/host nation become likewise diverse as the political world map became more complex. With no available power to measure up, World Jewry's Roman Curse, to the challenges involved an attempt measure of passivity was designed within each's communal social and cultural behaviors to meet the eventual challenges of the rise of Anti - Jewish superstitions. All positive outward public Jewish expressions became limited, such as posting tall Channukah Menorahs, or totally prohibited in any public display of personal Jewish pride, such as prayers observances, if ever existed within a degree of generations after The Roman curse, while internal discourse of emotional and spiritual research grew more and more at sophisticated rates within the communal structures throughout World Jewry; and as a result of evading Anti - Jewish Superstitions impact upon ones Jewish identity/ego the establishment of a written Talmud. Education became the hallmark of passivities for to maintain spiritual connections to the lost civilization which was forced upon them.


It is was in the historic internal process of the evolution of a Written Talmud, where the once Stiff Necked persona of World Jewry turned from being condemned as their ancestors were at Sinai to full righteous abstracted intelligent disclosure. In a lyrical perception Moses finally smiled as the Talmud contained some vestiges of what was a self - dependent righteous civilization of Yisroel. Thus the likewise single call of a prayer proclamation of the verse of ShaMa became a universal call to ones immediate duties there within.


It was singularly the eventual resultant cultural and intellectual behaviors of this time and era which invested World Jewry communal power to those who were, at times, most successful in passive resistance through negotiations to be protected by the host, and communal treaties that launched communal schisms within every sector of social, cultural, political, and spiritual aspects within World Jewry. I.E. The Karites. Additional hostile reactions sprung up from all over both Europe and the Middle East Asia triggered by hate transference of anything which opposed the development of empires by exploiting the various forms of Anti - Jewish Superstitions as a means to destroy any Non - Jewish opposition who protected their Jewish communities, the political basis of all Jewish security. A Jewish security which was linked to the protected host base of power support structures, often with readied reserved capital outlays to help secure their hosts power. I.E. In order for Nazism to enact its desired pagan centered civilization, their resulting restorations of ancient sadistic rites to insure successes to obtain power, they had to FIRST declare war on the United German Civilization established in 1870. The keystone support structure which likewise had to be destroyed was the German, then European Jewish citizens who had accomplished a degree of acceptance among European peoples/leaders as a direct result of their bravery exhibited in combat in serving along side their fellow Non - Jewish citizens during World War One.


The result of such schisms, triggered by rejections to passive behaviors, regional and increased regional hostilities likewise being forced upon their person and families resulted in various forms of Jewish assimilation into the adjacent or host national power centers, often through intermarriages. The only arena of safety increasingly became The United States of America. The individuals who expressed personal rejections to being passive soon discovered they lost their communal prestige they once had; and as a direct result of being shunned, thus began the first signs of Zionism emerged from those who likewise rejected assimilation - they became Stiff Necked Jewish Nationals. Then came the epic tragedies involved in the Genocide of European Jewry known as the Holocaust 1933 - 1945.

The Virus Genocide as a Form of State - Craft / The Curse of the Ottomans

For centuries, and immediately after the fall of Constantinople, the Turks fully realized they were controlling vast populations, and upon reflection they knew they would be in the years ahead an Ethnic Minority. Thus various forms of inter - communal treaties were created, and other forms of semi - autonomy schemes were likewise committed. Yet, as the rise of what would later be called The Ottoman Empire the complexity at maintaining control became more complex, and reflections on other forms of controls were likewise reviewed. I.E. The Roman Empire's imposed restrictions on its Jewish Romans.

Along the way Imperial Ottoman Turkish Wars erupted all the way into the siege of Vienna itself which ended in their biggest defeat. The drive for International power was highly costly, and thus a system of collection of revenues were installed to maintain and pay for the Imperial objectives, and thus varied forms of corruption likewise became firmly established within the Ottoman rule.

All of which focused on The European Christians, and Christian communities under their control. Then, only after this initial focus, the Arabs. Slavery, especially at first Christians, was likewise introduced and its impact grew with their marketing skills which included Arabia, Europe and the Americas --- initiated from Aleppo.

Money, Gold, and Capital Wealth!

The Armenian Genocide Narrative follows this one very simple brief formal statement:

There is a regional wide political infection now absorbed by the Arab fanatics which was identified as Genocide as a Form of State - Craft established by the Ottoman Turks to maintain their very corrupt Empire, along with support of German technocrats and engineers there to build the Empire's infrastructures.


The first real target of En'Mass Genocide as a Form of State Craft was inflicted upon the already heavy taxed Armenians as the Ottomans needed money to pay for the German plan of technological Infrastructures and Military refitting the Ottoman Empire. Both the Turks and the German private industrial machine both cashed in with the confiscate Armenian moneys which emerged into mega fortunes they received as the forced marched Armenians disappeared into the deserts of Greater Syria.

The additional importance to this narrative is that the very same technocrats likewise helped to build the first Nazi concentration camp known as Dachau.

The intellectual conspiracy fraud and usage of the word scapegoat by leading academics.

What has of yet has not been know is that at is weakest period of its history, the United German Civilization needed their prevailing connections to the German Jewish community, among other similar connections, to maintain any degree of power assurance that it will be able to survive Versailles. Once the Jewish base was attacked the resulting ripple effect likewise attacked various other key socio - economic and intellectual spheres of influences and their organized private sector marketing components upon which the German Civilization also needed to survive. Moreover, there were cash benefits in the resulting confiscation of Jewish wealth by the ever escalating structural dynamic of Nazism which needed immediate cash to bribe others into their political camp. The strategy was well played out in the Ottoman Empire and then applied to destroy The German Civilization. But even more graphically then, as today, the idea of scapegoat became a major endemic academic related fraud which was foisted upon world Jewry during their most emotional vulnerable time of their dealings with various horrific resulting traumas and seeking to heal those who survived and their own attempt to deal with the massive shock was in the totality of realizing what the Genocide of European Jewry IS. The Nazis invented within the component of their ideas of emotional socialists like narcissists behavior is their collectivism of terror/murder for capital gains.. The final solution to get rid of every and all of the witnesses and owners, Jewish and Non - Jewish alike! The Armenian Christians were not scapegoated as they had readied cash reserves needed for the Ottomans to pay out to reverse the crumbling infrastructures of their corrupt empire based upon their commission plan developed by the Germans - who likewise benefit. They, like a generation later of European Jewry, were simply murdered for money!

One additional point has to be made at this point of discussion. Anti - Jewish Superstitions was largely directed right at the Jewish population which were adjacent to those who were its authors. Not to necessarily create hostilities among the local populations, but more directed to increase the anxieties levels of its Jewish citizens. This clearly demonstrated to their local Jewish community that they as Jews were vulnerable, and were totally dependent upon their protections of their European hosts. This in effect created the traditional dependencies which destroyed any attempts of any recognized member of the Jewish community most effected by the newly authored superstition, not to reaffirm in any manner whats so ever a positive Jewish stance to provide some form of physical security against those who seek harm on it members.

The position of local communities which were adjacent to European Jewish communities realized until their advent of the progressive eras, that they had no real power. That what ever transpired between the Jewish community and those who likewise held rule over them was simply between these two elements alone and of which they were prohibited NOT to interfere with - why most of Europe looked away and at times actually hid from emerging Genocide of European Jewry - though a few acted differently and thus secure all valued life itself, Jewish and Non - Jewish.

Today, Anti Jewish, and Anti - Israeli Superstitions are directed at World Jewry to facilitate hesitation, self - polarized behaviors to not trust the local Non - Jewish communities, and instigated internal forums to seek compromises the end result of such attacks. The real goal of which is to locate those among World Jewry who will carry the standard of their accusations against their own communities by which they have been attracted as to hide their own weaknesses so once recognized within their own community. Those who were so enlisted as collaborators, unknowingly linked themselves to those Jews who were likewise enlisted by the Nazi Concentration Camps' Commander commands to cut off the hair of their fellow Jews upon entry into the Nazi death factories, and likewise to their tragic deaths in order to save their own collaborating lives!

Side Bar Note:

It is at the approaching Temporal Era of Nazism whether the ability of how European Jewry was ever able to manage various historical rises in Anti - Jewish Superstitions which came in direct confrontation what Nazism had in store. Genocide as a from of State Craft was never on their horizon or field/speculations of what they were confronting at the very time in which their doors were smashed and from their homes and businesses they were gathered and placed in to awaiting railroad cattle cars to be shipped to their destinations of death.

Instructional Note:

If you have not used pinterets boards this is what you do to the following board. You locate a photo --- which is a pin --- and you click on it upon which you will get page. Then click on that page and you get the details about the photo, and additional text information if available is likewise the website you have located. To get the point of concern you must do this at least 6 times, and no less.

There has never been in human history such a thing as a camp established simply to murder entire populations. Moreover, all during their campaign the Nazi concentration camps were going to expand, and this meant the introduction of slavic peoples whose education was above the 9th grade level of achievement. This period which is recorded in Jewish circle as Shoah, all the various application forms of Genocide as a Form of Statecraft were already in their extremely cruel de - humanized full production  of murdering rampages of entire communities. The stench alone signal to the communities of the adjacent concentration camps that people were being murdered, as the smells increased in its intensities of such additional smells from bodies being exposes into an odder that significant portions of the adjacent populations simple left the area totally.
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A little shocking, if you followed instructions. It for those who felt the emotional shock which represents a pathology of very very very light emotional trauma. More importantly this should give you an idea of the impossible magnitude of actually experiencing the continued shock of the depicted photos of victims themselves who underwent in their extremely difficult human efforts to survive, and most horribly those who were forced in agony to confronted their own death. Never, and the real wordage Never is most apt, the less, less, which is likewise most apt, those who survived were in total emotional shock as a direct consequence of surviving and what it took to survive.

In review of the survivors, their concerns immediately was to slowly regenerate their physical health, and that there no real recorded instances in which their resulting massive emotional traumas were ever dealt with after they were liberated. Though those who made it to Tel Aviv were help once they were able to rech to local specialists - in specialty which was a new treatment application.

It is here where everything hit all in one moment in history in which the survivors started to focus on how to reclaim their future. They were never the same as they were back during the time in which they were safe in their homes long before. Nor was there any additional sense of developing intellectual consciousness to rise to fully explain why this really happened to them --- which is a central need for such victims to be healed. The emotional closures to resolve their resulting emotional trauma in becoming or living the continued agonies created victim delayed stresses resulting trauma. It was thought that criminal trials of their murderers would resolve such needs. Alas it could not in total do this.

What the photos in the pinterest board indicated is that they were several methods to their torture, force labor, ill fed if at all ever existed, and then being a witness to those who one loves being brutally murdered before their one's own eyes. Thus variance and degrees of various pathology likewise ensued. Never a simple solution was ever achieved. Though within the Jewish State of Israel some of the emotional damage was healed as a result of their successes in their efforts to live their, though now different, lives within a total Jewish atmosphere of a developing child centered civilization.

Side Bar Note:

In not coming to grasp of why they became victims, they were not able to have closure in any real sense, even though several vain attempts were directed by leading academia stating they were made the Nazis scapegoats. The academic view failed, though becoming part of their phony influence in developing their thesis to be a part of history text books within America's secondary education. Their delayed traumas over time were relayed through out Jewish Organizations, and their children, who likewise became, likewise displaced, thus carrying out the emotional results of delayed stresses trauma syndrome within their emotional developments; thus being encompassed by a relayed stresses, or trauma which triggered difficulties in remaining or acting Jewish while interacting with Non - Jews. Here and here alone is where the Curse of The Roman Empire, and their experiences of how they survived merged through the Political Virus of the Ottoman Turks. However, in EreZ Yisroel there was a dramatic revolution evolving to throw off these distractions to become what they are by the National Liberation of The Jewish Peoples ...A WARM, LOVING, AND GIVING PEOPLES... " B. H. "....

The Survivors

There in various emergency medical aid , some times within the camps themselves, and medical station mostly ran by the liberating armies set up adjacent to their base/stations, efforts to bring back physically the living dead, as that is what those who survived exactly looked like, to a full physical healthy life. Thereafter there were three choices they would have to make after they were able to be on their own medically.

One: Go back home where they once lived.

Two: Try to make it to the United States, and a few incidents, Canada

Three: Prepare themselves to make it to EreZ Yisroel


Both One and Two will be linked to additional webpages which will cover various distracting aspects created once they got themselves settled in their new lives, which to some was almost impossible to live in Europe. Three will be covered in brief in the following for it is singularly important.


In every instance these choices were extremely hard and there were those who extended their helping hands in their choice, though going back to their European homes created anxieties to those were living there during their captivity and sufferance. In every instance, and no matter the choice they made there was no attempt to resolve their growing stresses. Stresses which became more, more, and more apparent with each day in which their physical health was improving. It was the single factor of increased physical health which cross over into the conscious which made anxious efforts to reflects their experience, but painfully found them were too horrible to adjust with out any significant personal care by some one who could evaluated and developed emotional supportive therapies to assist in their own personal emotional healing.

Where ever they went, the single factor of their delayed stress trauma became increasing difficult as each day in not coming to terms with the causes, and levels of very painful experiences imprinted syndrome like personality traits which melted into their delayed stress emotions. It was the total human environment in which they went which broke their delayed stress and at times syndrome into three distinct personality victim variances. The European, the American, and the Israeli.

Jewish Liberation and the Finality of All Human Triumph, The Roman Curse Destroyed!

The seeds of the revolution, The National Liberation of the Jewish Peoples is covered in the webpage Ha'Mesorah B'AreZ Yisroel , and the civilization which is likewise awaiting through self - determination of the peoples involved into future, The National Jewish Peoples Liberation of The Torah.

None the less, the single aspect of the destruction of the Roman Curse is in total reclamation of their ethnic Judean / Israeli roots involved in identity. That there is in deed a Jewish Peoples and in full achievement of identity Judeans/Israelis with not only separate tradition of social and cultural folkways, but a real genetic link within the region covenanted by such traditions in their whole and never in their living parts. Thus traditions were no longer held as the leading ethos of character, but was itself an on - going reality by and specifically rooted through the living histories of B'EreZ Yisrael.

The Physical Realities found in the existing Historical Forensics of DNA proofs of Jewish indigenous status in Israel.

A study published by the National Academy of Sciences found that "the paternal gene pools of Jewish communities from Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East descended from a common Middle Eastern ancestral population", and suggested that "most Jewish communities have remained relatively isolated from neighbouring non-Jewish communities during and after the Diaspora".[39] Researchers expressed surprise at the remarkable genetic uniformity they found among modern Jews, no matter where the diaspora has become dispersed around the world.[39] Skorecki and colleague wrote that "the extremely close affinity of Jewish and non-Jewish Middle Eastern populations observed ... supports the hypothesis of a common Middle Eastern origin".[40] According to another study of the same year, more than 70% of Jewish men and half of the Arab men (inhabitants of Israel and the occupied territories only) whose DNA was studied inherited their Y-chromosomes from the same paternal ancestors who lived in the region within the last few thousand years.

Note the following: About two-thirds of Israeli Arabs and Arabs in the territories and a similar proportion of Israeli Jews are the descendants of at least three common ancestors who lived in the Middle East in the Neolithic period. However, the Palestinian Arab clade includes two Arab modal haplotypes which are found at only very low frequency among Jews, reflecting divergence and/or large scale admixture from non-local populations to the Palestinians....Source