Israel Information Center Ithaca Israel Political Support Activist Resource Web Project:
Israel Information Center Ithaca Israel Political Support Activist Resource Web Project:
An information [ Items here have been verified by three sources. ] support platform for developing and creating additional Israel support - activist groups through social media. Interest in becoming active send to
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Additional Web related resources are listed for those who are interested in developing your own Pro - Israel Group, or have one already in operation. Please note in the meantime, you do not have to be Jewish to do this, and in making this statement, then be advised of the following. That if you are not Jewish and once you have, or are considering in developing a Pro - Israel group you must not in any manner compromise publicly, or published anything which challenges The Thirteen Principles of Jewish Faith in any connections to your Pro - Israel group only --- your personal beliefs are best focused on, and in support of, those groups which represents them.
The Jewish Virtual Library is the first strategic step to take, in as much as it is totally pertaining in its style of writing to inform both those who are Jewish and those who are Not - Jewish who are reading to co - discovered central Jewish issues and facts with effective ease. Thereafter, if there are certain points which were not made clear to you from this source, then use those elements within the source's key word of your concerns and then apply them of the search box of the Wikipedia Encyclopedia. You will be surprised in taking this step.
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Then before defining your groups scope, and likewise its mission, a review on organization positive behaviors should be reviewed by using prime sources contained in Elsevier dot Com as part of your consideration of both the group you want to develop and how it is to operate using the information contents within both pinterest boards included on this website.